Question about the 5 herd roles

I am not sure exactly where to ask this, but since it's kind of random, I decided maybe the campfire was a good place. 

I am wondering about the 5 herd roles/jobs that John Myonczynski wrote about in his book the Pack Goat. Does anyone know what the 5 jobs are? I am doing a project involving pack goats for one of my university classes, and I can only remember "lookout" and "social coordinator" (not sure if that's the actual name, but the one who makes sure everyone is still there). I moved a couple times in the last year and can't find my copy of the book, otherwise I'd look it up myself!
Thanks for reading, I would greatly appreciate any help you can give!
I have the book and I looked up the chapter that deals with herd pecking order and I see "protector" (dominant male), "leader" (top female), "babysitter" (female designated by the leader), and "social director" (a male or female in the middle of the pecking order). I'm not seeing a fifth role. I usually call the guy at the back of the string "bear bait" though. Wink
Nanno, Thank you!

That is very helpful. I read I a long time ago, so I'm not sure why I had it in my head that there were 5 rather than 4. I really appreciate your help!

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