Introduction and rendy comments
Well, somehow I missed the bus when you were all transfered over here but got brought up to speed by Dwite this weekend at the rendy. I probably don't need much of an intro but I thought for the newbies I'd introduce myself. I am one of the founders of NAPgA, the founder (with some friends) of the Cascade Packgoat Club and bred packgoats (lots of packgoats) with my husband for many years. Also have written 4 books on goat packing and management and am working on a fifth.

The rendy was amazing and I'm glad to see so many new faces. Char did a great job on short notice. I was glad to see our land use lawyer there and for him to give us an update. I have been involved with the land use issues facing us since back in the "90;s. Yup, it's been going on longer than you think.

I'm available for private messaging if you have questions that you'd rather not make public. SInce I no longer breed or sell goats I'm pretty unbiased. And I know where the bodies are buried, or where I'd like them to be sometimes.Smile

Anyway, I'm glad Dwite got me back on track, I've been missing talking to you all.

Carolyn Eddy
Eagle Creek Packgoats
Hello! I'm so glad you found us! I tried emailing you a couple of times but you never responded and I didn't get around to tracking down your phone number. I hope you'll stick around and share your wisdom and experience. I love your books!
Thanks, I figured I probably missed something when it was announced.
AH outstanding that you found us! Smile And I am really starting to kick myself with not being able to spend more time chatting with the people at the rendy. It all seem to go by so fast. Granted it did for me just being able to attend for 2 days but how I woulda loved to have just sat down with the likes of Carolyn. I totally missed goathiker as well Sad. Well at least we have this great forum to chat. Thank you "Sweet goat mama" for joining us here.
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Oh how exciting! Not only to see that you have joined us (Yes I have heard of you) but to hear about a Pack Goat club in Oregon. Is it still active? If so...may I join? I am new to packing with goats. However not new to goats or packing (packed with llamas for years and showed goats). Would like to "rub elbows" with more pack goat people. Most people in my area just show.
Welcome! Glad you found us here. [/i]
Thank you all. Cascade Packgoat Club was founded in 1996 or so by a group of Portlanders led by myself, Rebecca, Rehbesel, Mike and Steph Powell and Rod Walker. We have events in the Northwestern Oregon area but welcome members from anywhere. OUr annual campout is in the COlumbia Gorge the weekend after Labor Day and anyone can come, with or without goats. We have an email list a cascadepackgoatclub at and several events during the year including a harness goat clinic, SOLV Oregon beach cleanup and the campout. You need not be a member to come but there is a small charge.
Cant wait to join.
Nice to meet you,and hopefully you like this forum. Smile
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