Bourbon the Wonder Goat!
Bourbon continues to amaze me and endear himself to me.  He'll be 7 in March and is in his prime.

Today I saddled him up for the grandkids to ride.  Three year old Jasper and Hunter didn't want to get off!  Three year old Noah said being on Bourbon was too high.  Plus he was playing with a remote control car which took precedence.  We have a 1/4 acre area for the 4 grandkids to play on with a big hill and figure 8 track.  Bourbon made a lot of laps around the track today and up and down the hill.

Jasper riding Bourbon.


Hunter riding Bourbon.


Haven is 5 now and too big to ride Bourbon.  However, she is all about leading him, going on walks with the goats and me and filling Bourbon's panniers with rocks she finds.  She is really into rocks and I gave her a rock tumbler for Christmas.  It's a gift all of us are enjoying.  I have a feeling Bourbon will be carrying a lot of rocks when Haven and I go hiking this summer!

Goatberries Happen!
That's so cute!

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