Bourbon's teeth
A few months ,when I went out to the goat pen, I noticed Bourbon's mouth looked different.  Upon closer inspection I saw some of the teeth on the lower jaw were out of position and sticking outward.  Of course my mind went straight to a tumor pressing on them or bone disease, etc.  I had the vet check them and he said physically everything was fine.  He thought maybe Bourbon had caught them on something.  He said the teeth were solid in the bone and that even as he aged, Bourbon shouldn't have any issues with them.

Bourbon is #1 so I can just picture him eating hay out of the feeder and quickly swinging his head to the side to warn off another goat - catching his teeth on the feeder bars.

Today I finally got a decent photo of his teeth when he was eating grass on our walk.

He's getting quite the "new look" with the scar on his nose and his crooked teeth!

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Man, I was looking through old goat photos and noticed a picture of Victoria in the old days when she was young. She was so pretty and youthful. She's really let herself go. She's bony, but has a huge air-bloated gut. Dangly udders and spread out toes. She fought the big boys till her head got a big fluid bubble a few years back, and though its gone now, one ear doesn't move correctly. On the other hand, some of my goats have aged pretty well. Shelby and Woodstock are looking great still, but shelby has always had a notch in his ear where the horn paste burned it. Ajax the mini mule has teeth like Bourbon because when he was young and still intact, he kept chasing the mares and got kicked a lot.
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Poor Victoria!  How can you talk about her like that?!?

I'm not sure Bourbon would appreciate being compared to a mini mule! Dodgy
Goatberries Happen!
Wow, he really did get bashed, didn't he? I'm guessing he'll look pretty funny when he gets old.

I have to agree with Herb--Victoria really did go to seed. She hasn't aged very gracefully. Not everyone gets to stay a supermodel into their twilight years. Cuzco looked pretty rough by the time he was ready to bid farewell to this old earth. For years we'd talked about having him taxidermied or maybe turning his hide into a beautiful vest and a pair of chaps. I seriously doubt we could have done that even if his coat had stayed brilliant, but by the time we said our goodbyes, Cuzco's once-magnificent pelt was looking pretty used up and moth-eaten.

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