Christmas tree delivery!
This morning the local Home Depot assistant manager, Jake, called me and asked if I would like all of the Christmas trees they had left over!  He said last year they donated them to an animal sanctuary but the animal sanctuary moved and one of the employees mentioned goats.  He Googled goats in our area and my farm, Sageland, came up 1st!  It was my listing on  He even said he'd deliver them!  Woohoo!  They delivered 40+ trees!

My goats are set for awhile!  Eldon & Debbi Otta will be taking a couple and my son will take some for his goats, too.

Jake excitedly threw a couple of the trees over the fence for the goats.  My goats ran over and started devouring them!  He'd never heard of packgoats before so I gave him a condensed rundown on what they do and how wonderful they are.

He said he'd keep my information for next year and if anything else came up that he thought my goats might like he'd let me know

This was the 1st load they delivered.


Happy goats munching the trees.


Goatberries Happen!
In a week you'll be able to gather their goat berries and sell them as potpourri!

Um. Those are some pretty nice looking trees. I wonder why they didn't sell.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Ooo!  Goatberry potpourri! Tongue 

He thought Covid had affected sales this year.  My goats are happy it did!
Goatberries Happen!
Well your goats sure cashed in this year!! What a pity all those trees didn't find a home this Christmas though!

I should post a photo of our Christmas tree--I keep forgetting to take one. We always cut down a tree from the fir stand on our own property, and this year we were a little worried. The terrible drought last summer and fall stressed the trees. Most of our firs have a lot of brown ends on their branches this year, and the needles look pale and dry and the branches are brittle. Firs are very resilient so I'm not worried about them for the long term, but they sure didn't look like they'd make good Christmas trees this year! However, we came across one very full, very green, very healthy one far back among the scrub oak. Not only did it look healthy, but it had TWO tops! We went in for a closer look and realized that it had been cut before! We must have cut this tree down 7 or 8 Christmases ago. The trunk was cut about four feet above the ground, but the branches left alive below the cut had continued to grow, turning up toward the sky. The tree was about 11 feet tall and the healthiest one on the whole north slope. So we cut it down again. This time it's not going to grow again because we had to cut it about a foot from the ground, but we have several others on the north slope that we cut higher up and they're growing back too. So me and Phil's question was this: Is it fantastic good luck or terrible bad luck for a tree that gets cut down twice for Christmas?

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