Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2021
Well, breeding season is underway so there's no better time to start my annual "2021 Kids" thread. Sadie and Sonic had a beautiful romance on November 13th and I expect kids mid-April from that pairing. The others since then have not been quite so smooth. Skeeter and Snowball came into heat on Tuesday and I decided to breed Skeeter to Sonic. (Snowball will wait till her next heat cycle so as to spread kiddings out come spring.) Well, Skeeter just wasn't interested in Sonic! She kept trying to get back to Snowball. For two days Snowball stood and flagged for Skeeter while Skeeter swatted, pawed, snorted, blubbed and mounted her. Apparently Skeeter doesn't want to be a mommy again--she'd rather be a daddy. Well, despite these modern times, I'm afraid it really doesn't work that way! Sonic was very sweet to Skeeter but I'm not sure if she actually got bred. 

Mocha came into heat today and I put her with Scout, thinking they'd make a nice little pair. Unfortunately Mocha was not impressed by our smaller buck. She kept running from him and trying to get with Sonic on the other side of the fence. Scout did his level best but I'm not sure he was ever quite able to get the job done. When I finally let Mocha out of the pen she seemed more enamoured with Finn and Skeeter than with the bucks. I sure hope these "breedings" actually took in spite of my doubts and I hope our other does are a little more friendly with the bucks. If Skeeter would settle down and quit teasing the other girls maybe they'd give the boys a chance!
I had no idea it was this complicated.
We put our breeding pens together November 21st, 2020 so we anticipate our kidding season to begin April 20, 2021.

With over 80 does bred, there should be a large kid crop to choose from. If we follow our typical trend - that means 180+/- kids!!!
Needless to say, we do still have reservations for pack goat prospects available. We anticipate weaning and pick-up to be late July.
Best time to reach us with questions is before kidding - once babies start hitting the ground we are focused on them and communicating with the reservation list until everyone is off to their new families (April-August).
We will have purebred Kiko, and a limited number of crosses - Kiko/Alpine, Kiko/Saanen, and Kiko/Oberhasli/Alpine.

We do our best to post baby pictures on our FB page as quickly as we can.
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Adorable kids! So you do ear tags instead of tattoos/microchips? Do you ever worry that they'll rip out as they kids grow older? I've always felt like the plastic ear tags were meant for goats that were destined for slaughter at a fairly young age because it seems like they never last for the natural lifespan of a goat that isn't eaten. What's your experience?
And I thought I was over-goated, what with my 4 new babies!
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