Goat’s fighting each other
Well they got along good for 6 months now and the slightly younger on is Boer  cross with ? Mother’s Day gift. The slightly older one is La Mancha.  The la Mancha will be bred soon and the bier will have to wait a bit longer . I’m afraid one will hurt the pregnant one . Any suggestions on the best way to deal with this.
The reason they are fighting is because it is the rut season and their heat cycles can make them very hormonal and edgy. It's natural for goats to spar this time of year because in a herd there would be hierarchies that determine who gets mated first and by whom. With a couple of exceptions, I've found that most of my girls settle down once they are pregnant. You don't need to worry about fights during early pregnancy. The danger comes when they start to get big. The last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy is when you need to watch for serious fighting or dirty hits from the dominant goat. I don't worry about head-butting, but if you have one that likes to hit the other in the side without warning, that can be a problem during late pregnancy.

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