Questions for Goat/Horse Owners in Bear Country
It's too bad, but I agree with Charlie Horse--sometimes things fall through for good reason, and this is too big a purchase to end up having regrets about! Hopefully you'll find your dream home soon.
Thanks, "Charlie" and Nan. The first property our @#$@# realtor lost for us hurt a lot worse. That one was a terrible loss. This one, we had some mixed emotions about from the get-go but had we been able to decide the water rights, might have been ok. Lots of trees dying up there from some beetle. We were shown land where sometimes half the trees were gone. Although this one, not so much. Maybe they have harder time getting a foothold at 7200 feet. Even tho lots of green and trees, annual rainfall about 12" max rain each year which makes it a little scary for forest fires. We really wanted to be around Island Park, ID but gave up on any sized piece of land big enough for animals. Philipsburg, MT really has some.pretty places tho and near Bitterroot...that was nice too.

Well, done looking for.this year anyway. We need to concentrate on getting a house built here in TX instead. Thanks for the encouragement.

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