Questions for Goat/Horse Owners in Bear Country
We are again looking at property deeply wooded, stream thru property and surrounded by national forest. How do those of you living in similar circumstances protect your goats and horses from preditors, namely but not only grizzlies?
Talk to Karen Kopf at

Their ranch has every predator in the book! She's also a NAPgA Board member.
Goatberries Happen!
Nothing beats electric fencing for keeping bears out. I use electric netting fences for the goats at night and I have a single-strand electric wire for my horses which smaller bears can run under, but large bears would zap themselves. The netting keeps out coyotes too. The good thing about grizzlies is that they are very shy and tend not to bother people. Black bears, mountain lions, and most of all coyotes, and stray dogs are your biggest concerns when it comes to goats. Usually the only predator that bothers horses is sometimes mountain lions. I've heard of bears, coyotes, and dogs attacking horses, but it's rare and they don't usually succeed the way lions do. Livestock guardian dogs are great for keeping predators from crossing your property to begin with. Electric fences combined with a couple of livestock guardian dogs should keep wildlife from bothering your critters.

Where is the property you're looking at? I thought you already had one wrapped up. I guess it fell through?
Boy! Did it ever! All I could do to keep from beating our realtor to a bloody pulp. Long story! Don't want to ID property yet as too much land rush going on right now with covid.

Thanks for great info. Will check out the kiko lady too.
Well, I think we did it. Paperwork in. Just have to see status of mineral rights since it is a mining claim. Surrounded by the Deer Lodge Forest. A pretty little mountain stream running thru part of it. Combination some flat spots for building and some steep slope tho still doable for horses, humans and certainly goats. Raw land. Lots to do...a little overwhelming. 79 acres which we don't need. Hope to sell off all but about 17 acres so after we get our ducks in a row, don't be surprised to see a land in classifieds here. We already got the word from one of the forest brass that the goats nor horses will be a problem either on our property or entering surrounding forest. 7200 feet elevation.
Congratulations! I hope it works out really well for you. I can't wait to see pictures!
Haha! Shock to us tropical birds today. We went to see property again today. Yesterday, it was all green. Today, all covered in white glitter. The difference a day makes.
Connie, I wish you & Robert all the best with your property! Who knows, it could be a good location for a future Rendezvous!--Irene
Well, we just backed out. Probably lost our ernest money but got too complicated around water rights, agreement on acreage, etc., etc., etc. I hate government agencies!
Years ago I had found the perfect place. 10 acres, 7 of pasture. Right at the edge of town with some out buildings. The deal fell through a couple days before signing because the bank backed out-- the house was originally a double wide that had been bricked over and more or less rebuilt, but alas... They didnt want to fund that. I tried to talk the owers down, pointing out that the sum of the parts was less than the asking price, and that if you couldn't finance that house, then it wasn't worth what they wanted. They didn't budge. At first I was pretty bummed. But it was a blessing because later I ended up with my current place just a mile and a half away, with less land but a better view and a small fraction of the debt. Now the place I wanted originally has gone to weeds. They chopped down the enormous trees, piled them up and burned them for no reason. The landscaping has gone pretty wild and the way the house looks in that setting makes me think the bank was 100% right. To imagine making huge payments for that place now-- And to know that if I bought it, I'd have had to watch the place I have now get away, man. You know, the thing about real-estate is that there's so much of it, you can always find another 'one of a kind, perfect' place. I think a lot of people fall in love with a spot and get taken for all they're worth. Being able to walk away like you did shows you're not ones to be ripped off and won't be living with regret.
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