Looking for Love: Does for my Billy
I have a gorgeous registered Dwite Sharp Alpine buck and we are looking for one or two big breeding age girlfriends to breed some more packers with these bloodlines. Billy's dream girl is a horned doe 3-4 years or so, experienced mom, Dwite genetics preferred, CAE tested, in milk would be an added bonus. He's big so we need big Alpine or Ober gals ? He likes homemade beard oil, long hikes in the back country, snuggling, sunsets, and big udders.
Just curious what's out there and not too far. Located in Idaho.
So are you looking to acquire a breeding do or two? I recently became aware of one (or more) that need to be rehomed. I think they are still available. I don't know for sure their ages, dam or sire but should be able to find out.
Hi, SpotNStalk, thanks for your reply! Yes! I don't have any breeding age does for my bachelor, so I've been looking to buy... One fellow replied that might have some great Dwite does too! Might go take a look after work Thursday ?
I have three horned does listed here. They are probably what you're looking for.


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