Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2020
If anyone is around, Coral (a.k.a. "Fuzzy") is revving up pretty hard and will most likely kid in the next hour or less! I'm guessing from the size of her this past month that she'll have triplets!

Nevermind... the sun came out and the temperature rose so we moved Fuzzy outside onto the clean grass and into the warm sunshine. In the meantime, while we were watching Fuzzy, Sadie just popped out a beautiful Sundgau doeling! I caught that birth just in time. Now I've got to go back out and see how Fuzzy is progressing.
Sadie and her doeling are doing very well. It's a STRONG doe kid and the most beautiful sundgau I've ever seen. Jet black with snow white legs, etc. She's going to be a live wire I can tell and I'm going to have to keep a close watch on this one so she doesn't end up getting in trouble like Butterfly. She was 10#!

Coral (Fuzzy) delivered two big bucklings. The first was 8.5# and is a striking buckskin-colored cou clair. The second was 9# and another sundgau but with darker tan markings. Both are strong and healthy.

Mamas are doing great and love their kids. Now it's time for me to get some grub!
Cant wait to see the pictures!
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
I've got so many cute pictures I've barely even had time to go through them, let alone post any! I've also gotten some recent video of Butterfly FLYING over rocks and skimming the ground. She was racing with George and was always a mile in front. She ran back and forth across the parking area a good half dozen times at top speed, leaping across the rocks at either end, before I decided I had to get the camera and film that fabulous display or athletic prowess. She's amazing. I'm going to compile the videos I took starting on May 8th when she could barely scoot along, and finish with the one I took today so everyone can see her progress. I just have to make time to do it.

Coral's babies are adorable. There's one I may just keep. He's got the CUTEST ears of any goat ever born here and I hope they stay the way they are. He's also very sharp-looking in other ways. We'll see how he grows out.

Sonic turned a leaf sometime last week and became super-duper friendly like all the other kids and fights with Zelda over any available lap. He insists on being picked up all the time, but he's soon going to be too big. George is already too big to get picked up and he's the roughest, rowdiest of the bunch. He's enormous and jolly and extremely bold. I think he's going to make a stellar packgoat when he grows up as long as no one spoils him into thinking he can run the roost with people. He's a boy that likes to be in charge, although he has learned caution. Messing with other goats' babies has landed him a few bites to his ears and tail. He's currently missing hair on one ear because some angry mama nipped him.
Tigerlily FINALLY popped out a couple of rugrats in the wee hours this morning. Checked at midnight... nothing. Woke up at 3:15 a.m. and saw two squirmy bodies and waggy tails. The were up and mostly dry so it had probably been a couple of hours. It's a boy and a girl!
That must be a great relief, she is such a cutie with great drive to get well. Thanks for the story and all the pictures
We ARE relieved and of course thrilled that Butterfly is doing so well. She's built like a little gazelle and her feet seem to barely touch the ground when she runs. I swear she runs faster than any of the other kids now, and she's jumping and caprioling with the best of them. She and George took a flying leap off a six-foot retaining wall the other day. She looked a little startled when she landed but was unhurt. The only thing she still doesn't do is she doesn't jump her front feet up on my knees when she wants to be held. Instead she stretches out one front leg and taps my shin while while gazing up pleadingly into my face. I wonder if standing on her hind legs is still uncomfortable or if it's physically difficult due to the tilted angle of her pelvis. Jumping seems to be no problem at all, so obviously her hind legs are able to stretch behind her, but maybe standing with no front leg support is a bit of a different thing.

I've been supplementing Butterfly's milk supply twice a day with extra helpings from Sadie and Coral's abundance. George is HUGE and hogging the lion's share of Skeeter's milk I think. Butterfly fights for her rights, but she's physically no match for George, so now she's getting extra from other sources. This gal has an incredible appetite!

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