What's it like in your neck of the woods right now?
Things are getting even more.serious here. We kept an eye on number of covid cases in our 3 adjoining counties, filled mostly with tiny towns and most were doing pretty well compared.to areas.like Dallas,.Houston, etc. We still enjoyed eating out. As figures soared up here again, we decided we needed to hunker down even more so dining away from home seemed like a bad idea. Well today was such a full work day on the farm, I decided picking up lunch in town while making a trip to the hardware store seemed like a time saver.i called our favorite place to order and wondered why the phone rang 11 times, no answer. Sign on door: "Closed till Nov. 19 due to a covid case."

These people were very meticulous wearing masks, cleaning tables, etc. Small family oper as tin. Nicest family you'd ever meet. Hope they are all going to be ok. I am thankful we decided to hunker down when we did and suspend our usual habits or we probably would have been exposed as.sell. So dangerous for those having to work with the public.

Everyone stay safe!
My neighbor got it! Out here in the middle of nowhere. His yard is like a park, and it attracts relatives all summer. One of them visited CA and then came to the 'park' for a weekend and gave it to his dad. He said he was tired for a week and barely wanted to go do any kind of chore. Then he could be seen doing the lawn and running sprinklers again and now he's fine. His wife never got it-- I'm wondering if she's now a super-spreader or if she's immune. Having them out of the picture kinda locked me at home because they're the ones that feed the animals when I'm away!
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
I'm glad your neighbor is doing well. I remember him telling you he came down with COVID while we were there. Extreme exhaustion is a pretty common symptom.
Likewise. Sorry about your neighbor. When all our horses.were.still healthy, we.could manage a weekend away from home.without hiring a pet sitter by putting out a roundbale.for.the horses and auto feeders for the dogs. As you saw though, not so easy with parrots and cat, cat only because we can't trust the electric not to kick off and expose house animals to high texas temps with no a.c. So our solution for them is we take them with us pretty much everywhere except maybe in cool stretches of.the spring and fall. Would doing something similar give you 1-3 days away here and there? Just an idea.

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