Looking for Oberhasli or Alpine in KY
Hello!  I am Sam Elliott.  I just got out of the USMC 100% VA disabled and bought an 85 acre farm in East KY.  The farm is in disrepair and the pastures haven’t been grazed in 15 years or so.  I’m putting it back together and bringing it back to life.  Goats are the logical choice for the state of the property.  There is plenty of browse available to support a substantial herd.  I have acquired a few goats, but am primarily interested in Alpines and Obers, as they are fantastic dairy goats, pack goats, and could easily navigate the property.  I stumbled across Marc Warnke’s YouTube channel, and it has gotten me interested in the possibilities that pack goats provide.  I thoroughly enjoy outdoorsmanship, but some of my disabilities from service preclude me from packing heavy.  If anybody has any input about local goats, please let me know.  Thanks.
Hello Sam and welcome! Alpines and Obers are both great breeds. The Obers are particularly beautiful in my personal opinion. Wink

We don't have many NAPgA members east of the Mississippi, but I'm happy to see the numbers are slowly growing. You live in a beautiful part of the country. Your best bet for finding dairy goats would probably be to contact your local 4-H and get the phone number of whoever is in charge of the dairy goat program out there. They in turn should be able to connect you with various breeders in the area. You might also contact the American Dairy Goat Association and see if you can access the members database. They have lists of all the breeders in the country and what breed(s) they specialize in. I know this service is available for members, but it won't hurt to ask whether a non-member could also have access.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted on your progress!

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