Differences in saddle brands
I hear ya! This is where I think the Marc Warnke breastcollar and britchen design is pretty outstanding. I'm happy with our Sopris saddles, but at some point I might see if there's a way to make Marc's breastcollar and britchen work with my saddle.
(01-09-2020, 09:19 AM)Stringinit Wrote: I too noticed the breast strap was hanging too low but I haven't figured out a way from keeping the breast strap from pulling the whole saddle forward onto the goats shoulders as they go over obstacles. This happens when I tighten the breast strap.

another selfmade adjustment comes to mind. Not sure if it would work, as goats have different necks.

In horses you can add a strap that runs across the neck from breast strap to breast strap. This will keep the breast strap in the correct position without having to pull it too tight.

You could sew something like this using a nylon strap and a click snap. If it was me I would probably add some padding over the neck area.
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

Well I decided to go with Butthead Packgoats saddles and panniers. I've got 50+ miles on my boys so far. I didn't have them carry any loads yet, I am letting my boys break in their saddles and rigging before I really load them down. Kind of like breaking in a new pair of boots. Seems like a good idea to do.

So far this is an amazing upgrade from my northwest saddles. I've taken them into old burn areas in the trinity alps and marble mtns with lots of deadfall in steep terrain and I'm really impressed with the stability of the saddle. My goat's range of movement is not impacted either, with the angle of how the breast collar and brichen straps are built allowed my goats to negotiate obstacles with the straps properly tightened keeping the saddle held in place. This was my biggest problem with my northwest saddles. Plus the double cinch design is great at keeping the saddle held in place.

Butthead Packgoats has the option to custom build the saddles to your goats exact measurements for an extra $50. They email you the instructions and have you custom cutout a cardboard template of your goat's dimensions front and rear. Having the custom built option was the deciding factor for me.

I couldn't imagine buying a standard built saddle for my Saanen, he's so much wider in the rear. After completing the cardboard cutouts and comparing them to my Alpine's cardboard cutouts, they are very different builds from one another. I could easily see the benefit of the custom built saddle.

I do want to point out if anyone wants to order a custom built saddle, it is important to do so after your goat is done growing. The Butthead saddle is not adjustable like the custom saddle from nortwest packgoats or Marc Warnke's signature series saddle. Their designs allow for you to adjust the saddles angles as your goats grow. But, there is a big price difference. Which is another reason I went for Butthead's saddle.

The saddles themselves are very well made and are quite beautiful. They are sanded and finished. The rigging and buckles look and feel very secure. The saddles come with the pads attached and are held very securely in place with heavy duty velcro and have not come detached from the saddle or have moved out of place in the 50 miles I have put on my goats and don't see this ever being an issue. The pads have a removable case that you can remove and wash as well.

I'm not trying to say any brand of saddle is better than another but for what I do and what I put my goats through, the Butthead saddle is perfect for me. And at a very affordable price.

Here are my saddles on my boys Big Dipper on the left and Deecon on the right. Able in the middle is in the works to be an awesome pack goat.
Awesome! It's great to hear that you can have your saddle custom made. I did not know that. Isn't it amazing how different two goats' backs can be. I hope your saddles serve you well and keep your goats comfy for many years to come.

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