Goat-O-Rama's Summer Adventures
There were no yaks when we were at the fair, but I would guess there were some showing earlier in the week. The fair goes for like ten days and we only hit the last three. We saw Miniature Zebu cattle on Friday. I love those little guys. They're about the size of a packgoat, with 42" being the tallest they are allowed to get. They were also showing Longhorns and Watusi while we were there.
If it wasn't you telling this story of the Watusi I would swear the photos were not real. Those horns look like a massive headache.
HA! They estimate the horns weigh about 50 lbs. each. They are 103 inches long from tip to tip, but since they curve inwards he can still get on a trailer. And walk through the doors of PetCo apparently.
Wow, that "coatrack" is something. So glad you had a great time.

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