Important Rendy 2019 Question re Health Certs
Oh good. I'm glad you go that worked out with the microchips and don't have to tag their ears after all.

For future reference, any goat can be registered through ADGA's wether identification program. They just need tattoos or a microchip. We registered Pac-Man even though I didn't know who his original breeder was. I tattooed him with my own herd ID and a number and they registered him to my name.
The ADGA they told me today they would not "register" weathers but would give you an official ADGA "Certificate of Identification"(of course they wanted the goat tattooed to do this). I was told it had all the same information as a registration minus the "parentage". I was calling the WY state Vet, Dr Logan, to ask if this certificate would work for the WY health certificate when he told me the micro chips would be fine. That was a relief.
The USDA recognizes the ADGA Certificate of ID as a registration. But yeah, they do have to be tattooed or microchipped for ADGA to issue a certificate. But since states are starting to recognize microchips for their scrapies ID program, this makes things easier for those who don't want to use ear tags. My biggest concern with microchips right now is that many sale barns and auctions don't recognize microchips or have the ability to scan them yet, and if my goats were ever stolen or displaced (such as in a wildfire), most people will not even think to scan for a microchip, but they will look in the ears for tattoos. Hopefully this will start changing pretty quickly because microchips seem a lot easier all the way around and are certainly more accurate.

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