Important Rendy 2019 Question re Health Certs
Taking goats to vet tomorrow for health certificates. What specific address do we have vet put on certificate to meet state requirements? Thanks.
You could use Elgin Park Trailhead Buffalo, WY.
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If it's not too late, I generally also give them the local ranger district contact... my vet really likes to have a phone number which is hard out in the boonies.

- Elgin Park - Bighorn National Forest
Elgin Park Rd, Buffalo, 82834, WY

Powder River Ranger District office
1415 Fort Street
Buffalo, Wyoming 82834
(307) 684-7806
Just in the nick of time! Thanks. Found your email as.we.are half way between home and Belton, TX vet. I am very grateful for your response.
Is everyone out there getting ear tags put in their goats ears? I ran into this problem travelling with my goats in the state of WY several years ago and that is the same response I am getting this time. My vet will not sign a health certificate with out the WY required ear tag.
I will not be putting ear tags in. I don't know why your vet would tell you your goats need them. I have tons of friends who show dairy goats in Wyoming and of course dairy goats only have tattoos. That said, are your tattoos registered with ADGA or any other USDA-recognized organization? If your goats aren't registered, then that is your sticking point. If your goats are registered then your vet does not understand the rules.
They are not registered. That is a BIG sticking point. Not sure how to overcome this. I have one goat that isn’t even traceable to the original breeder, and I have a Dwite Sharp packer. I really do not want ear tags. State of Wyoming has no flexibility in this issue.
I did ear tags for my two boys a couple of years back. I had the choice of tattoo or tags in MN, and after getting the tattoo set and watching videos sent it back unopened - it looked to me to be more traumatic with it's hundreds of needles vs. one quick hole.

On the other hand, it takes a while to get ear tags as they come from the USDA APHIS office directly (Scrapie tags). You get an "inserter" tool and a bunch of tags with the same "farm" number.
BTW - I've not had any issues with the ear tags ripping, causing infections, etc. Perhaps I've been lucky.
I just got off the phone with the Wyoming state veterinarian Dr. Logan, he said that the micro chips would be fine. The veterinarian just needs to put that microchip number on the health certificate.

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