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(05-28-2019, 12:14 PM)Nanno Wrote: Pygmy goats and Nigerian Dwarfs aren't the same breed. I'm on another goat website where it seems like most of the people raise Nigies, and their Nigies need copper. I don't think you need to worry. Wink

Good deal!  I was out there today reading the labels on the goat feed.  LOL
Didn't know that, we don't make that distinction in Germany. Not to be a party pooper....

If you are sure that she IS a Nigerian Dwarf = bought her from a respectable breeder, she is registered, etc. then you don't need to worry.

If not, I would provide a copper free mineral food for all and supplement the big goats individually
Sabine from Germany
[Image: zoVgi.gif]

From the photos, she is definitely a Nigerian Dwarf. Pygmies have a very different look here in the U.S. In this country, Pygmy goats are a dual purpose fiber/meat breed (mostly meat) while Nigerian Dwarfs are an unrelated breed that was fairly recently imported from Africa (1980's I think) and is considered a dairy breed. The Nigerian Dwarfs have gotten quite popular in the U.S. and are now much more common than Pygmies.
She is full blood Nigerian.  I have seen mom and dad and am good friends with the lady who bred her.  She's actually one of my friends who is starting to train a couple of pack goats also.
Glad to see another Texan in our midst. We are near Waco, TX. Yes, too bad you missed the first Texas event. We have found the Reynolds Park in Waco to be goat friendly. It is also an equestrian park so we try to go weekdays when riders and their dogs are more likely to be absent. We are pretty much new ourselves but have made it to 2 Rendies. Highly recommend.

Stay in touch. Keep in touch and maybe us few Texans can get together for a few events or use a collective brain to try to get our state more accepting in the state parks, etc.

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