Slow-feed Horse Hay Bags for Goats????
I don't like hay nets for goats. They love to stand their legs up on the hay and their little feet are so good at going through the holes. 1/2" holes are pretty small, but young goats have pretty small feet. And of course with anything, goats WILL poke their horns into it. They may not be able to get much more than the tips in, but they'll use their horns to bash the net back and forth and possibly rip the holes wider.

I generally prefer to use canvas hay bags with a single hole for the hay. They can still get their legs in there of course, but chances of entanglement are much lower. For more mature goats or ones under constant supervision (such as at a show) I'll use other types of hay bags, but when I've got youngsters in a trailer, the simpler bags are better in my opinion.

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