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Full Version: Slow-feed Horse Hay Bags for Goats????
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Huh My "air-fern" horse gave me an idea for hay for goats in transport. I had to buy her slow-feed hay nets, only 1/2" diameter holes to slow her down. I tried regular hay nets last time we transported.and one his horns.stuck in one, luckily was ok. Would these small-hole nets prevent that from happening as well as keep them from wasting so much on the floor or is any hay net a bad idea regardless of how small the holes? Or would the sillies ingest the nylon rope?

I don't like hay nets for goats. They love to stand their legs up on the hay and their little feet are so good at going through the holes. 1/2" holes are pretty small, but young goats have pretty small feet. And of course with anything, goats WILL poke their horns into it. They may not be able to get much more than the tips in, but they'll use their horns to bash the net back and forth and possibly rip the holes wider.

I generally prefer to use canvas hay bags with a single hole for the hay. They can still get their legs in there of course, but chances of entanglement are much lower. For more mature goats or ones under constant supervision (such as at a show) I'll use other types of hay bags, but when I've got youngsters in a trailer, the simpler bags are better in my opinion.
Thank you, Nan
I have now for several years used the NibbleNets with goats and horses. They are expensive! Truck canvas and nylon webbing instead of cords or rope.

Have seen horned goats scrouring their horns on them but the webbing seems to prevent any entanglement. I also pay close attention to it that the Nets hang stable - not swinging freely - with additional support structures like a wall or tree trunk or the bottom part of the NibbleNet secured, as well.
If you are really worried about entanglement during transport you could also check out if a hay toy/hay ball is something your goats can accept during transport.

Round Balls to be put into a holder of some kind to keep them from rolling on the floor during the drive.

HayToys for horses sometimes come in the form of barrels with holes cut into them. You could use smaller barrels or another, largish plastic container.

these are German sites, just to give you some ideas.
Thanks, Sabine. I Lready priced the NibbleNets. Just too expensive times 7. But thanks.
I stocked up on them over a period of two years, making use of special pricing, etc.

Not sure what your trailer setup is for your goats but maybe you could use one NibbleNet for two or more goats, cutting down costs.