Ah yes, I forgot about the chariot race! We were going to do it Friday but it was so cold we decided to pass. But Saturday was a little nicer, and since Curtis did his bighorn sheep presentation Friday night there was some time freed up Saturday before dinner. Finn is much faster than Sputnik, but Finn is also much lazier so Sputnik usually wins these races. Both goats were a little wild. We haven't driven either of them since last summer other than having Sputnik do a couple of short stints in Texas last April. We forgot their bridles and they knew it. "I'm in a halter and my driver has no control! Wheeee!!!" Sputnik liked ending his races by diving onto his knees and snatching as much grass as possible before I could wrestle his head up. I overheard someone say of the chariot race, "This is by far the best thing I have seen at a Rendy EVER!" Sounded like a bit of exaggeration, but it sure made me smile. ;-)
"Robert is better trained."

He says he's gonna get you for.that....after he stopped.laughing. :-)
My 2 cents...Rendy again was worth the long trip from Texas. Special thanks to Marc for training info. Boy, do we need it! And special thanks again to Nan for her hands-on help and instruction with our goats. Obstacle course was great and chariot race was great fun.

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