How any of you are going to the NAPgA Rendezvouz?  I'm sure going to try to get there!

Here are links to the Rendy information:
Goatberries Happen!
Pretty zure... not 100% yet...but pretty sure we will be there. Hubby and I and maybe 4 goaties.
Yes! Phil and I plan to be there with Finn and Sputnik.
I'm planning on attending... with my goats Georgie and Hunter. Wonder if we'll need to be prepared for snow-camping.
You'll have to watch the weather. I would advise being ready for anything, from possible below freezing at night to 80 degrees during the day. This area is wild and beautiful. We should know better as we get closer.
So far, so good. Just checked out snow pack levels in the Bighorns, and snow dropped below 1" in the specific area we're meeting at a couple days ago. Assuming no more snow, I think things should be nice. Thanks!
Hooves all trimmed, goat baths done. Truck is loaded. I came down with the crud last night after flying home from Boston. Slightly delayed but not defeated. Airlines are a good place to catch things you don't want.

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