Newbie in Santa Fe New Mexico
Hello there!
I am new to owning goats. I have a twin Lamancha's, born April 2018. A wether, Lowrider, and his sister, Lupita. My intention is to breed her this summer, use her for a milker and keep her kids and train the whole lot to pack. I currently walk Lolo and Lupe on lead in the neighborhood and just took them on their first hike on a friends private property! So fun. 
I'm looking for any information people may have on wilderness areas in NM that allow domestic goats and other goat packers in the general area.  I have noticed signs in the Santa Fe National Forest posted "No Domestic Goats"! 
Welcome! I don't know any goat packers in Santa Fe, nor do know the restrictions in that area. My husband and I took our goats to Taos last fall and did some hiking and I didn't see any "No Goats" signs posted where we went. However, we didn't go too many places because of the bad weather.

Have you got any plans to attend a NAPgA Rendezvous this year? The big one is near Buffalo, WY June 20-23, and there's a smaller one in Davy Crockett NF, TX April 5-7. Those are great places to meet folks and soak up some knowledge.
Personally I would call the National Forest office who manages the section of land and ask to see the management rule that is associated with the no goats sign. Alternatively you may be able to find and view the land management plan online.
Yay, another NM member, I live almost three hours from Santa Fe, you might look into more of these trails, I know at least White Sands allows pack animals.
Bandiler would be hard to hike with goats, it has a lot of laders.
Happiness is a working goat

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