Merry Christmas!
You know you've got goats when you pause to admire your Christmas lights on the way back to the house after tucking animals in for the night, and you suddenly realize that some of them aren't working. On closer inspection, you notice that a few of the wires are chewed in half. And after you spent all that time tucking everything up out of reach so this wouldn't happen again!
And on that same note, I was cutting firewood yesterday and when I walked over to refuel my chainsaw, I smelled a strong whiff of gas and there was the gas can lying on its side with the cap missing. It looked like about 1/3 of it poured out on the ground. The cap was lying in the bushes a few feet away (at least it hadn't been eaten!). I guess the goats came by to investigate while my back was turned. They're such wonderful little helper elves, aren't they!  Angel
Goats are SO helpful!  They're always thinking of ways to "help!"   Tongue
Goatberries Happen!
Merry Christmas.anyway. :-) Gotta love it!
I’ve been trying some new recipes this Christmas season to make use of all the yummy goat milk we’ve been getting. I don’t usually have two goats in milk this time of year, so we are quite fortunate to have the abundance!

I tried and failed several times to make eggnog before I managed to make a perfect batch, but I finally made some last week that turned Phil into a convert. He’s always disliked eggnog, but the stuff I made for a party last weekend was light, fluffy, and gently flavored. Phil loved it, and I have to admit it was the best eggnog I’ve ever had either. This will become a regular part of our Christmas tradition from here out.

The next experiment was a recipe for caramel candy that I found on a goat website. I tried it early in December and met with complete disaster. I never could get it up to 250*, yet I still managed to burn it to the bottom of my saucepan. So I bought a better saucepan with a heavier bottom and a non-stick ceramic surface and tried again.

This time I achieved almost complete success! I got impatient at some point and turned the burner up too much and scorched a little of the candy to the bottom of the pan, but not like I did last time. There was no acrid burning smell in the kitchen, and the caramel got up to 250* right after that so I was able to remove it from the burner and pour off the good stuff before the burnt stuff had time to turn black and flake off into the rest.

I was cutting the sheet of caramel into smaller pieces when it suddenly cracked under the knife and half of it flew off the counter and shattered on the floor. I had just swept the floor earlier that day so it looked unscathed; nevertheless, I know where my feet go when they aren’t on the kitchen floor, so the candy seemed a bit suspicious even if it wasn’t wearing any hairballs. So I washed the pieces in the sink and laid them out on some wax paper to dry. The half that stayed on the counter got cut into neat squares without any drama and looks beautiful in addition to tasting good. The half that got a bath looks a little sorry but the flavor is unaffected. If no one else wants to eat it that’s ok. I’ll make the sacrifice.

I’m getting over a cold right now and I have the attendant laryngitis that always seems to plague me after I get sick. This candy works just as well as the throat lozenges I’ve been popping, and it tastes a whole lot better! So if all the caramel disappears in short order and the family starts to wonder, I’ll tell them it’s not because I’m greedy–I’m using it for medicinal purposes. Oh yeah, and half of it went on the floor–no one wants to eat that.
I can almost taste it. Good luck getting rid of that cold. Merry Christmas.
Got some fun Christmas eve photos this morning. Phil and I hauled in a load of firewood the other day and Finn claimed it. Look how proud he is! You'd think he cut these trees down and loaded them in the truck all by himself! 

Tigerlily is only a month along and she's already picking fights with everyone, including a pine tree. I thought this was blood on her face at first, but it turned out to be red tree bark dust. (Phew!) 

I wasn't trying to get pictures of Penny, but she kept mugging for the camera. What a cutie! 
Bourbon was not a very good boy.  He ate Santa's cookies!

Goatberries Happen!
Oh that's adorable! Naughty, naughty Bourbon! Big Grin
Did anyone else's goats get fruitcake and/or Christmas cookies this holiday?

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