It's been quiet in here lately...
Too quiet! What's everyone been up to these days?

We have a new addition to our herd and he’s been keeping me more than busy.
Wow! Congratulations!
Thats awesome man!!!  Congrads!!!
I started running my guys once if not twice a week.  I've also been trying to get a short hike with weight on once a week in place of one of the runs if I hsve time.  Its been going ok.  My goats have crap cadio!!!  Big Grin  

I have a solid winter camping trip planned for the end of January on Snoqualmie Pass with my two kids.  I will keep you guys posted on that trip.
Anxiously awaiting a second-hand Sopris Rookie Pack I ordered on Facebook. Cannot wait. Will go on our oldest, Sprite.

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