What kind of Goat is Brian?
Hey Guys,
I have a question for all of you.  What kind of Goat is my guy Brian?  I am thinking Toggenburg, however I am no expert.  The personality discription on the Toggenburg fit Brian as do his physical traits.  Thanks for any comments, have s good one!

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He's the wrong color for a Togg (they don't have black in their coats). He looks like an Alpine cross to me. The width of his horns makes me think he's crossed with Spanish or Kiko. It's hard to tell how tall he is in the photos but he looks a bit short, which would point toward Spanish. Whatever breed he is, he's gorgeous and he looks strong. Do you know how old he is?
Thanks for the info.  He turned 4 this spring.  I will attach a picture for you to compare his height.  He weighs 194#.  I am 6ft tall.  Garbie the big alpine in front of me is 220# He is a trail stud,  steady, but a little independent.

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Whoa. He's still got his nuts. No wonder he has such magnificent horns! Its probably also why he's a tad shorter and hairy.

My guess is an alpine-oberhasli. Obers have some very nice horns and a slightly differently shaped forehead. I guess it could be some kiko but those are pretty rare.
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Brian has very impressive horns!
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(08-30-2018, 08:07 PM)DownUnder Gal Wrote: Brian has very impressive horns!

I'm not seeing the Ober but I suppose it's possible. I'm still leaning toward Alpine/Spanish cross. Spanish goats are a meat breed and are short, stocky, and strong. They have very impressive, wide-branching horns like Brian's and are not uncommon. My neighbor had a bunch of Spanish goats a few years back and I was very tempted to buy a couple to breed into our packgoat genetics, but I ended up deciding against it since I want my doelings to be registrable with the dairy association.
Thanks guys!!!  No Togg huh?  Again thanks for your time.

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