Hi from Australia
Hi, I am new to goats, having recently gotten out of horses after a lifetime of throwing my income at my various equine pursuits. I have been riding all my life and carriage driving for the past 6 or so years, starting most of my horses in harness myself.
I am a keen bushwalker and having some animals along to share the load will be great- especially animals cheaper than horses Wink
I contemplated llamas as a pack animal, but I settled on goats.
I will be picking up two little Toggenburg guys next month and starting their handling and my own goat-education simultaneously. I look forward to reading  through the forums.

I am sure I will turn heads in my small town, I used to be the lady who would stop at cafes in her horse and carriage, now I will be the crazy goat lady!
Welcome! I also started with horses and tried all kinds of different disciplines, including driving. I'm still into horses, but I added the goats to my life as well. I even trained a goat carriage driving team!

You definitely don't want llamas as pack animals! They're just not friendly and cuddly like goats, and I discovered on a recent pack trip that they tolerate people but don't really want to be with them, which is so very different from goats. I can't even sneak off into the bushes for a quiet potty break without my whole crew coming along to supervise!

I hear great things about Toggs as packgoats. They're shorter than many other breeds but very sturdy and strong. In the U.S. at least, they are renowned for their solid, correct feet and legs.

Best of luck in your caprine pursuits! I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
Thanks Nanno!
Oh great, glad I made the right choice despite my ignorance of both llamas and goats. I like friendly/personable creatures, some company while I potty out in the bush will be fine by me ;-)
Driving goats- my husband did make me a really lightweight carriage for a mini horse pair I started some years ago, wonder if he will divorce me if I ask for a goat cart too?!
A mini horse carriage is perfect for large goats. That's what we use!

And here's my only experience with llamas: 
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Nice one, Charlie Horse.

Nanno, incredible photos, love your little vehicle. The llama story also good- even more excited to get my little goat boys home!
My first attempt at adding a photo to the forum. I picked up my boys over the weekend. They are 6 weeks old Toggenburg X Saanen brothers. There breeders have done a marvelous job in handling them for me- they are real sweethearts.
Congratulations! Beautiful boys!
I'm a little worried that the disturbed dirt right there could be the den of a giant Australian trap door spider. Please hammer a big steak into the spot to make sure its dead.

Togg x Saanan you say.... I'm curious to see what they grow up to look like. I'm not that familiar with toggs. I love saanans though. Be sure to spend time with the little guys while they're so cute. I always love looking at pictures of mine when they were young and out on hikes. I remember Bacchus as a little guy curled up, sleeping in my sleeping bag next to me. I always liked to get them to sleep next to me even for a few hours per night for a couple weeks so they'd totally bond. Sleeping next to the humans proves they have total trust.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Thanks for the congratulations, I am smitten! 
They are hilarious and just so friendly.
I am interested to see how they turn out too. Dad was a huuuuge Saanen but the Togg mother was more diminutive in stature. 

Although you jest Charlie Horse, you are correct in your assumption of Aussie pests being at hand. While constructing the goat proof fence around the hedge and tree I have tried to grow for years( just out of shot to the right in the pic) despite periodic attacks on same from ponies, my husband encountered what we like to term a "land shark" aka a Red Bellied Black Snake. I havent had a pony in the paddock for more than 6 months and clearly the snake is now unused to us being around as much which is why we crossed paths when readying the paddock. We have mitigated the risks to the babies,  both fur and humans as much as possible. In a way relieved it wasn't a brown snake as they are far more venomous and extremely aggressive.

Your cougars, bears, wolves scare the daylights out of me though. You have biiiiiiig critters!

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