What are your top lessons learned in Goat Packing?
Hey Guys,
I have done a couple of trips know and I feel like I am learning something new about the craft of goat packing each time.  So maybe we can all pool our top lessons learned and save each other some time a flustration.  I'll go first,

1- Put some food in the vehical for after the hike.  I brought enough food for the first 2 days out but I wish I had put day 3's food in the truck.
2- If you think you might need bug spray, your goats will definatly need bug spray.  Mine did not like being sprayed but I think it was better than them getting eaten alive.
3-  Dead fall sucks!!!  
4- Have a way to put your goats in a line so if you control 1 you control them all.  Practice doing this.
5- Train you guys and your self, be as educated as possible.  Practice difrent tasks at home and do as much pre work as you can.  For example dont try to rig your goats in a line for the first time on the trail.  Have a system for doing everything and make sure the goats know the system.
6-  When your going with a group dont max load your goats to there full 25% before all your friends show up.  Your friends will always have a few pounds they want to add.
7- Camp on dry ground.  If the ground is only slightly marshy the guys will not lay down at all all night long and you will feel terrible!!!!
8- This may sound dumb but I dont care.  On my last trip I for sure saw 2 of my 3 goats drink at one point or another.  1 I took to the lake and to the stream but I never saw him drink.  Next trip I am going to bring a collapsible basin with me to put water in where they are lowlined at.  I know goats dont drink much but they are working hard for me so I will be that guy with a water bowl for his goats.

Those are my biggest thing I have either screwed up, wish I did, I did do or will improve on next time.  Maybe some of you seaso ed vets will hook us new folks up!! Thanks guys!
Nice list! I would add that it's very handy for your goats to know and be obedient about "whoa" and "walk on" commands. It's also extremely handy if your goat ground ties nicely so you don't have to find a place to tie him while you saddle or take things out of panniers, etc.
Goats dont sleep the first night. Tie them in situations where they wont bother your stuff, tent or make noise. Otherwise you wont be sleeping either.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!

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