New in Arizona
Hi Im Quinna and we just moved to Arizona from Wyoming. We have 2 alpine does (with 2 little doelings right now), one nubian doe (with 2 mini nubian babies) and our only packer in training right now a nubian/alpine cross wether. We are just getting started with packing here and are super excited! Just trying to figure our pack laws for the trails in southern Az. Nice to meet everyone!
Welcome! I also have Alpine/Nubian crosses and I love them! I'm eager to hear about hiking in AZ as well. My husband and I plan to take our annual "Goat Vacation" there this fall.
Awesome and welcome Smile I dont have pack geughts but like reading about them Smile
Hi and welcome to the land of Triple digits.I have three mini wethers, one nigerian and two mini oberhalsi. They are around two yrs old so we are also in training.
I found one of the city parks on the east side with great trails. I can also hook you up for a state parks pass where you can go on the bridle trails.
Welcome, pbaldwin1964! I hope you and Quinna can connect!
Welcome depending on were in AZ you are I might be as little from two to three hours from you. I live in NM, I also have a Alpine/Nubian whether in training.
Happiness is a working goat
Hello and welcome to the community. Enjoy that place. LOL!

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