Hello from Ga
Hey yall -  I am a member of another forum but heard about this place from a poster there and wanted to come and join!

I dont have pack goats but I have 2 Goatees

My buckling is a Nigi / Pygmy Hybrid and my doeling is a Pygmy. aka..Bonnie N Clyde

Nice to be here!
Hello and welcome! I know you from TheGoatSpot. They seem to be having some technical difficulty over there which does not appear to be getting the attention it requires. You're welcome to hang out here as much as you like. This is a much quieter forum than TGS, but nevertheless we have a good group of goat lovers and we're not prejudiced against folks whose goats don't pack. Wink
Awesome - thank you. Yes, Im an IT guy..it looks like they have problems with Chrome, the app works and safari but alas Im here Smile

Seems like a great place to get info and I'm excited to see all these Geughts pulling and such. Mine wont pull much but I thought of making Clydius De Gaulle Geught a little sled to pull.
Yeah, I don't have the app and Safari overheats my computer if I use it for more than about 10 minutes. I'm not downloading a special app just to use TGS, and I'm certainly not going to use Safari. I love how you say "geught". You and Charlie Horse would have some fun conversations! We had a great time hiking with him in Utah last week where we were attacked by "gnests of gnasty, gnarly gnats." We had to wear gnat gnets over our heads to avoid being eaten alive by those blood-sucking little gnazis!

Oh, and I'm Damfino on TGS. They banned my "Nanno" account over there when I started this site five years ago. They were kinda touchy back then, but now I don't think the admins really care. One reason I started this site was because I was concerned that the faceless corporation that runs TGS would one day abandon it or pull the plug and there would be no packgoat community left outside of Facebook. But there needs to be a place online for those few odd, stubborn holdouts who refuse to bow to the Facebook overlords!
Awesome! LOL yeah I like to call them my geughts. I am really very new to them as a whole. The wife got them for me and I've been hooked since. I spoiled the crap out of them lol. So they are like my dogs..I am a cat person but when I got my two I was like awesome.

Yeah - I can understand that TGS probably didn't like competition then but now we need more than one outlet for information. Especially for newbs like me. Your break down on the pack goats and the pics of yall with them pulling are awesome. I mean I had to pass the info you passed to me over there to someone else who was interested.

Websites and Forums are always twitchy, Ive been on forums since the mid 90s. There are always power hungry folks somewhere lol. Dont get my started on Facebook lol that place is becoming or is really a cess pool.
BTW Sputnik is one of the baddest Goats I've seen. shoooo
Sputnik says "Thanks!"

My husband calls Facebook the "endlessly flushing toilet". You can ask a question, but if you want to follow up a week later, or even a day later, you probably won't be able to find it. And most of the time somebody is going to jump on with their unsolicited opinion that you are clearly doing it wrong. Hurling abuse is, of course, a general internet phenomenon, but it seems to be amplified on Facebook.

The nice thing about forums is that when you ask a question, it stays there under its topic and you can revisit it any time, and if you want to find info about topics already covered, you can run a search and find it without much hassle. My husband and I pay to host this forum, and if we get to a point where we no longer want to do this, I'll be passing it on to someone else who wants to continue it as it is. I don't want it sold to some third party or plastered with ads to make money. This content belongs to everyone who posts here, so this community needs to have a say in what happens to it.
Awesome and I agree - FB is horrible...truly.

Thats awesome its a nice forum here I like it, and it has some nifty features. Smile
Glad you like our quiet little forum. We even have a chat room! Check the link under the right-hand side of the banner.
Awesome - Yep Ive checked it out. We'll keep posting and folks will catch on.

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