New pack saddle
If you think you have too many straps and excessive rigging, then you have a goat retrieval harness. Look for the orange loop at the top for use in helicopter winches and search-and-rescue ropes and pulleys.
I don't drink beer, but if I did, I'd prefer Dos Equis.  Stay thirsty my friends!
Hopefully nobody here will ever have to have a helo goat rescue! I participated in a joint horse/goat trip in July where the horse did not make a rocky step and slid off the steep side of the trail downhill, I thought for sure we were going to need a rescue. Unbelievably he slid down to the switchbacked trail below, couple of bloody legs but the horse was able to walk out on his own.
I have been reading this thread on and off.  Some thing that keep getting repeated is that the new "Warnke" saddle and rigging is over complicated.  I have been using a traditional wood saddle with the "Warnke" rigging on it all summer and it is my favorite saddle.  They are made by Banton Saddle Tack. I use it on my 220# alpine and he carries two cooler with all our food.  His loads are usually around 40- 50#.  That saddle is so stable.  It only has 3 black fastex buckles that need to be clipped or unclipped when you are taking it on or off.  Each saddle I have is adjusted for a specific goat which keeps having to fuss with each point of adjustment to a minimum.  I cannot speak to the new aluminum adjustable tree or the new pad that are on the tree, I dont have one.  I can say that I had a NWPG aluminum tree for a little while and I never liked the way it fit on any of my goats.  I tried all 4 whole and followed the fitting instructions provided on line, and still did not like the way it setted on my guys.  I ended up trading it to friend of mine for his wooden NW cross bucks.  

In short, the "Warnke" Rigging made by Bantom Saddle Tack is really easy to use and keeps loads very secure to your goat.  I like it better than my NorthWest regular rigging.  

I really like these typesof threads. I love hearing gear reviews and people opinions.  Thanks

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