New pack saddle
I really want this new saddle!
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I was wondering when those were going to come out. It is vastly improved since I saw it at last year's rendy, what with the pivots and whatnot. I think I'll get one in a couple weeks. Its expensive but it keeps me out of the bars.
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Cool! Phil told me they're selling them now but I hadn't looked. I'll be interested to see one in person at the Rendy. The one thing that kind of turns me off is they look really fussy--way too many straps and buckles. That is one of the big down-sides to the Sopris saddle as well. "KISS" is a good thing to keep in mind when designing any kind of hardware. I'm really interested to see how the actual saddle fits. Any rigid tree saddle, provided it fits well, should stay put with only a few simple straps to keep it in place for your normal, non-extreme hiking situation. Perhaps this basic design could be "dumbed down" without much trouble.

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