My pack string is home!
Well, my future pack string anyway! Had some trouble posting this before, hope everything works this time.
I picked up my three little guys this past weekend. They are newly weaned and have adjusted surprisingly well.
The three amigos:
[url][Image: goats3_zps37fc8c59.jpg][/url]

[Image: gideon4_zpsb6bcb375.jpg]

[Image: samson1_zpsa501698e.jpg]

[Image: bart1_zps38d73e06.jpg]

Samson and Bartholomew are brothers, half Saanen, half Alpine. Gideon is full Alpine and the other two's half brother. They have the same Alpine sire.
My 8 year old little girl came up with Bartholomew's name. I figure is she knows that name and can pronounce it, then we must use it! We're so excited to be in the packgoat "business" and we're really looking forward to training them over the next few years. I'm looking forward to my daughter getting experience working with and training animals.

I will add, there's not much in the packgoat world in this area. There are a few llama packers around but very few. I'm looking forward to the looks I'll get on the trails in our mountains.
I have packed out west with a friend from Idaho with his llamas and know a little about pack animals. I've learned a lot lurking on this site and another forum. Hope to be a part of the party, strange and lonely as it is on this side of the continent! LOL!
VERY nice!
Very cool! Congrats!
Too stinkin' cute!
Charlene in Central Orego
They're awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Cute! You have some fun times aheadSmile
They look great! Samson has an especially cool look to him. BTW I have a LGD named Samson & I think Vigilguy also just named one that. Great minds think a like. Smile


LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
They look excellent. I love the Alpine breeds and their crosses. Will you castrate at five months?

" Long Live The Pack Goat"
Curtis King

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