Slowly building for the goats
I built this a couple months ago. My goats run across and play on it is very cool to watch them.

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The sure love climbing on woodpiles, don't they! I have some spools like that, but I don't pile wood up for them. However, this time of year I always have a firewood pile near the house that the goats love to play on, especially when I've just added to it. I sometimes stack my firewood, but I'm finding more and more that stacking is a futile act when you have goats. They only insist on tearing it down.
I was nervous about them falling down. Hurting themselves. About a week they would run across it. I was impressed. They only butt heads to keep each other of the spools.
Hmmm maybe I'll have to get some throw away log rounds and pile them up for our goats. We use spools too, I like to place a rock under the spool so that it's angled and moves when they get on it. It seems to help them with balance.
Today we stroll the neighborhood, someday we'll climb mountains together..  Heart
Hmm... I like the tippy spool idea! We had a teeter-totter out for a long time until the wind blew it down and broke the fulcrum. I'd like to get a new one welded from metal this time so it can't break and would also be heavy enough to not blow over. I know some people worry that their goats will get hurt on things that move or have holes or gaps in them, and while it's certainly possible for accidents to happen, I think the benefits outweigh the risks. I think it's important for goats to learn how to watch out for themselves and learn how to navigate tippy, potentially leg-trapping things without getting hung up or injured.

One thing I'd love to build someday is a spool hung on a suspended bar at the right height for goats to jump on. It would spin and force them to either balance or get tipped off. I watched Finn jump onto a spool laying on its side and roll it from one end of the yard to the other. I wished I could have left it down like that for him to play on but I couldn't risk him to rolling it into one of our electric fences or off a hillside. So I thought it would be great if I could hang it from a bar between two posts so he could roll it all day without destroying anything.

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