President Abraham Lincoln was known for his soft heart when it came to both children and animals.

In fact, the Lincoln White House became host to a variety of animals — including a spirited pair of goats named Nanny and Nanko.

As typical goats and ones not swayed from their natural conduct by being in and around the White House, Nanny and Nanko liked to chew things, including flower bulbs and furniture.

Their antics did not stop there, however.  Using kitchen chairs as makeshift carts, Lincoln’s sons Tad and Willie often had the goats pull them through the White House. Tad once scattered a group of White House visitors by driving a goat-pulled chair through the East Room crying, “Get out of the way there!” as he went.
Goatberries Happen!
How funny! I'd heard about Abraham Lincoln's kids riding goat-drawn chairs through the White House, but not about them scattering visitors! Hilarious! 

President Benjamin Harrison's grandchildren rode a goat cart too, but as far as I know they kept it to the White House lawn. 

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