Trash Can Turkey
Hey Guys,

I ended up at the Fire Station this year for Thanksgiving, so my buddies and I decided to try two new way of cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey.  We did one in a Webber grill with Charcoal and the other we did in A TRASH CAN!!!!

The webber one was pritty strait forward and turned out great.  15# bird 2 hours. we put some soaked wood chips in and gave it a really nice smoked flavor.

The other bird we did in a 20 Gallon metal trash can with charcoal also.  It was really easy also and we cooked a 18# bird in 2 hours also.  There are alot of youtube videos about it and they are all pretty much the same.  The steps are-
1- clear a 6 ft circle of everything down to minneral soil.
2- In the middle of the circle pound a 2x2  or rebar.
3-Cover the ground in a 4'×4' area with tin foil, centered on the post.
4-Cover the wood or rebar post with tin foil.
5- Cut a hole in a tin tray or put a bunt cake pan over the post.
6- Slip the trukey leds down over the post, the post should go up through the neck whole.
7- Invert the can put the can down over the turkey , check to make sure the turkey centered i the can.
8-Light your charcoal in a chinmey,  Then place it around the outsids of the trash can on the ground.  Place about 10/ 15 pounds of charcoal equally around the bottom of the can.  DO NOT PUT LIGHT FLUID ON THE CHARCOAL!!!  It will run under the can and catch on fire i  the can, ruining your bird.  The itial lit charcoal will light the rest.  Also put about 15 lit brickets on the top of the can.
9- At 1.5 hours pull the charcoal away, carefully lift the can and check the bird in the breast with a thermometer.  
10- Coat the bird in butter
11- Depending on the temp, put the can back on the bird.  CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH THE BIRD WITH THE CAN!!
12- Finish bird for half a hour.
13- Remove it from the can and stick, let rest, carve and eat.
You are now a Thanksgiving God!!!!!   Songs will be sung of the day you cookeda turkey in a trash can!!!

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