Rendy attendance and hay
I'm sorry you can't make it Debbie. What a nasty last-minute let-down! I hope you get well soon!

To all you folks at the Rendy, I'm jealous! Tongue
Thanks every one. Yes, I am majorly, totally bummed! This would have been my first rendy and I was hoping to bring my two new horned boys and see how they did on the trails, plus I wanted to talk to some of you horned goat people for tips and training. I was really looking forward to meeting all of the people I chat with on the internet. I hope someone will be taking lots of photos to share with all of us who are stuck at home.
Debbie Luzier
I hope to see lots of photos too. That's one thing I missed about last year's Rendy (which was my first one)--I didn't get many photos and no one else posted any either (that I know of).
Charlene has lined up a photographer for the Rendy. Big Grin
Goatberries Happen!
Last year's rendy photos:

[Image: rendy_13_auction_01.jpg]
Auction Winner

[Image: rendy_13_auction_02.jpg]
Auction in the ger

[Image: rendy_13_chat_01.jpg]
Chit chat

[Image: rendy_13_clash_01.jpg]
Rockstar Vs Bacchus

[Image: rendy_13_distant_01.jpg]
Camp (the little white dot)

[Image: rendy_13_fire_01.jpg]
Camp fire

[Image: rendy_13_firepit_01.jpg]
BBQ Bacchus

[Image: rendy_13_fliers_01.jpg]
Passing out fliers

[Image: rendy_13_ger_01.jpg]
Ger under construction

[Image: rendy_13_ger_02.jpg]
Ger complete

[Image: rendy_13_potluck_01.jpg]

[Image: rendy_13_tent_01.jpg]
Clay's camp

[Image: rendy_13_sasha_01.jpg]

[Image: rendy_13_hair_01.jpg]
Morning routine

[Image: rendy_13_dawn_01.jpg]

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