Great PackGoat article!
As I discussed in my thread "My new soon to be packers.... "

I thought I would post a great article that I think you all will enjoy about GoatPacking. It was something I came across when I first was researching PackGoats. I actually read it on a plane and then came across the authors email address & emailed him from the plane with my phone number. coincidentally I was flying to Kansas where the author was from.

That night the author called me and we spoke for 3 hours that night where he was most gracious and generous with his time an immense goat knowledge & experience. Long story short, we arranged to meet in a couple of weeks at his Ranch in rural Kansas when I was again returning for business.

The article was written by the The Sharps of Paradise Ranch PackGoats of Council Grove, KS who have been in the business of purposely breeding and promoting PackGoats t the public for several years including among other things teaching at "The Goat University" - Langston University (Oklahoma) & Mother Earth News Fairs. This article was written for Langston University's "Annual Goat Field Day".

Article: "PackGoats"

Enjoy...(downloadable pdf)

LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond

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