Hello from Idaho!
Some of you look familiar from Facebook and you might recognize us too! Smile We were goat breeders quietly going on about our business until the packing community found us and reeled us in. It started with the sale of a few prospects, and then came the pictures of their adventures, recruitment to some packing groups, more pictures - video - some hikes, and then full on packing envy. Now, we have divided the breeding program to select for packing traits, brought in new animals specifically to grow the packing program...and not to be left out, we are beginning to train our very own for the trail! We are ready to be schooled!
Welcome!! So glad you made it here! Don't forget to post photos of your goats from time to time. Wink
LOL reeled in sounds about right. Curtis did the same to us. Showed up at the fair what? 8 or 9 years ago and reeled us in Smile Welcome and may your pack goat adventure be amazing
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)

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