Texan Looking for other Goat People in my state for info
Looking fo connect with other Texans here.to learn where we can take our little goat we are.trying fo train as.pack goat. He is a sweet guy and we are.to point we want to introduce him to new and different environments. Problem: both state and federal parks including Angelina national Forest have given us flat nos. Please advise us where we can take the goats or how you got permission.  Or where you get copies of companion animal and pack animal information as both state and federal act like.they never heard of either designation.

We are.retired, getting back Into horse camping but would love to use the goats too. We currently have 42.milk goats but hope to cut the herd way down and just enjoy a few.pet/pack goats.

Our prospect is one that mother did not.claim and we had to hand feed.
 Blackie is already pretty well leash trained. He Is trusting enough that rinsing him down with a water.hose.did not phase him. But we have no challenging terrain or.water crossings on our property so anxious to get him to parks where such things exist. Thanks.
Welcome! We recently had another member join from Texas. Here's his introduction:

Sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. I have never asked permission before bringing my goats somewhere, and unless they have "no goats" specifically posted someplace, I'll assume it's allowed. As far as I know, any place where horses and llamas are allowed, goats are allowed too. There are a few areas where goats have been prohibited because of Bighorn Sheep habitat (something the North American Packgoat Association is in a constant battle over), but that should not affect Texas.
Love your username by the way!! Big Grin
Welcome! I agree with Nanno. The way I go about picking trails is getting a map of the location I want to go, and finding trails where stock are allowed and planning my route that way. We were also fortunate in that my significant other worked for the feds - forest service and was buddies with the ranger, he got to ask all sorts of questions.
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