Hi from Minnesota!
My name is Dean Kroon, and I'm guessing I've met several of you at ether the 2017 or 2015 rally.  I was reminded of the existence of this forum during the last one, and here I am!  

I currently have two goats in my string, and am not looking to grow it bigger at this time...  being an ultralight backpacking enthusiasts means everybody gets to carry less.  We are based in southern Minnesota.

Anyways, good to be here and hopefully I'll have something to contribute from time to time.
Well hello Dean! Glad you finally made it over here! It was great meeting you at the Rendy. I really enjoyed our little hike to the waterfall. It was nice to leave the crowd for a bit and get to know a fellow goat packer a bit better one-on-one. Small groups are so much easier for getting to know people and actually remembering them afterwards. Thanks for sending that GPS tracker info to Phil. He's looked at it but hasn't done anything with it yet. Maybe a winter project.
Thanks Nan!  It was good meeting you too - that was a fun hike and just enough for us low-landers not acclimatized to the altitude yet!  See you around the forum, and perhaps at the next Rendy.
Welcome, Dean!
Have a nice day, & hug your goats often!   Heart

Hi Dean! It was great to see you again at the Rendezvous in Lake City Colorado. And great to see you on this Forum! Looks like you are enjoying life with your 2 goats. Thanks for being such a good sport about sharing your camping area & shade with everyone when things got busy at the Rendezvous. Hope the rest of your summer/fall is filled with some fun adventures with your goats, please post some photos if you do get out. Looking forward to seeing you next year!--Irene (Saph)
Hi Dean, it was lovely to meet you and your two goats at the Rendy! I hope to see you again next year but in the meantime I'm looking forward to hearing about your goating adventures Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap

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