My new soon to be packers....
Hey All,

Thought I would show you a few picks of my new packers that I will be picking up from Dwite Sharp in June. I am very tickled about them think they will be great. My only criteria with Dwite as that they be smart & over 200 lbs when grown. (He has the largest two goats I have ever seen at over 275 lbs & 42"! I had to commit to these initially sight un seen as I'm raising a hornless herd and wanted the dehorned ASAP & he normally raises horned goats. He was kind enough to accommodate me. BTW, if you all have not had the pleasure, Dwite & his sweet wife are some of the kindest, most generous & most knowledgeable goat people I have ever met. He raises some of the finest looking pack goats in the nation with documented bloodlines period. He will not just sell culled wethers...they are purposely bred & must meet strict criteria. He also donates the majority of his proceeds to there is dedication and commitment!!!

Here is a bit of info & pics from Dwite about these two at a couple of weeks old.

Quote:Cruze (Peach faced)-------- 50% Oberhasli ---- 25% Saanen ---- 25% Boer

Forest (Caramel) -------- 50% Oberhasli ---- 25% Alpine ------ 25% Boer

The "Boys" are highly advanced, more so than anything I've ever raised before. Long legged, wide bodied and growing like proverbial weeds ! They are drinking 16 oz. of pasteurized goats milk every 8 hours, followed by 8 oz. of water. At less than a week of age they began eating our pellet creep feed "Without" any eating instructions from us. The very "first" time we offered it to them they took it with "NO" help and have upped their daily intake every day since. Have never had this happen before. They have this pelleted feed available to them 24/7. They are eating brome hay and alfalfa hay at will and have been since before 1 week of age.

Forest's ears are fully upright and he can move them in all directions. Chase's ears are more horizontal and shorter. They both had the cartilage in their ears damaged shortly after birth by the 3 degree temperature, despite 102 degree heating pads and multiple heat lamps. Forest has recovered fully but Chase is taking a little longer and may never get stand up ears. He appears to have a little more of the Boer characteristics.

Boer characteristics, at 25% (Tarzan T66 look him up, he was Grand Champion of the US & Oz and was one of the highest selling goats in history).At 24 days old they were a bit over 17 & 20 lbs respectively.

Sure looking forward to adding these guys!!!


[Image: Forest24days3-25-14-1.jpg]

[Image: Forestfeelinkindalikeanap.jpg]

[Image: ForestaintIcute.jpg]

[Image: ForestampChasesuckinitin2.jpg]

[Image: Cruzesecondsplease3-25-14.jpg]

[Image: ChasemomsaysImcute.jpg]

[Image: BopeepampTriplets24days3-25-14.jpg]

Tarzan T66's website
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Wow they look great. I'll be at the Rendy and would like to get some pics of those fine looking Pack Goats. I've been putting together a photo album that I've titled The Ultimate Pack Goat. It will be completed in a few years. I've got lots of pics from the rendys going back to 2011. I met Dwite and his wife at the 2011 Rendy in Idaho. Wonderful people and full of knowledge.

"Long Live The Pack Goat"
Curtis King.
Good looking babies Smile
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

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You know what? I think your goats are related to Sarah's goat Woodstock that she got at the Rendy last year. He's half boer on the mom's side, half alpine.

[Image: timp_summit_03.jpg]

This is an old picture-- he was a few months old and here he can be seen on the summit of Mt Timpanogos. He's the sweetest, mellowest goat ever, and he's now overjoyed to have traded the 'bottom goat in the pecking order' position with Amelia Goat-hart, thanks to his little horns.
I am also buying a buckling from Dwite this year. For my uses and where we take our goats, I really like the packers that he is producing nowadays.

Years ago when I was just looking at getting into goatpacking, I called Rex Summerfield about different calibers of goats for packing. He labeled certain goats, if I remember correctly..."Homestead Goats". 200+ lbs. Tall, as in 38+ inches. Deep chested. Strong rear-end. Strong legs, not fine boned. Capable of 3000 ft elevation differences in a day. 10+ miles per day. I think Dwite is one of the few breeders has it dialed in, from what I have seen.
Those are beautiful Tou !!!

I'll bet that you are counting the days now !


Mikado, MI
Congrats! Great looking packers!
Thanks folks...yes we are pretty excited and think they will be amazing four years. Big Grin
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing pictures!
Oh, but what fun you'll have in those four years! They are nice looking guys!

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