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"I want my goats to have the capacity to pack 25-30% of their weight (let's say 50-60lbs) for 7-10 miles on a given day. A few shorter (packless days) of 3-5 miles, and a 7-10 mile trip on the way out with the full load. This, to me, seems very reasonable with the right conditioning."

I'm doubtful that packgoats will meet your expectations.  I've been packing with goats for 15 years.  My typical pack trips are different, but I don't normally put more than about 30 lbs on my goats.   I typically average about 8 miles a day, with typical Cascades elevation gains of 1,500 to 2,500 ft per day; and do that each day for a week or so.  Some days there is not much elevation gain ( coming out ).

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