Fund Raiser to support Goatpacking!!!
(04-04-2014, 09:30 AM)Nanno Wrote: I have another question. Are donations to this campaign tax deductible? I always hate to ask questions like that, but it can really make a difference to people/businesses who are considering a sizable donation. I don't even know if direct donations to NAPgA are tax deductible. I wonder if Larry could chime in on that if no one here knows.

I will look into that and see what my accountant has to say. He was a former IRS auditor. Smile
Hey all...

As noted here on this thread...

If you have ever been interested in getting what may be one of the best long term goat shelters ever or nearly any livestock shelters for that might be a GREAT time! I.E. Poly Domes

After reading this thread I was inspired tonight...nice job Charlie. addition to a personal donation, in the interest of supporting the "Legal Fees to support NAPgA's Court Cost" I will be donating 10% of the total purchase of all Poly Dome products that are sold between today and this years Rendezvous. (No limit) While I wished it could be more but there just isn't that much profit in these shelters and still have bills to pay. Blush Every bit helps the cause though I imagine. I will then donate the funds at:

Please see thread for further details or Poly Dome items specifics, please visit

PM me or call (801) patient if I don't pick up right away though as they are more of a hobby, I sell them by appointment only & I also have a demanding day job. I sell to Western Wyoming, Utah & Southern Idaho...sorry we do not ship or deliver unless you buy 20 or more.
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You da man Tou!
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

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In looking at the "gofundme" site it looks like "gofundme" charges NAPgA 9.75% total in processing fees. Is that correct? If so, would it not be better for those of us that are familiar with NAPgA to donate directly and specify the money is for the legal fees?
Goatberries Happen!
Good catch and question ^^^
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Wow !

You the one Taffy !!

Great observation and question.


Mikado, MI
Yes & no. Yes for those few of us that will "get around to it". Most can & will do so on line because it's easier & can use a credit card...many if not most wouldn't "get around to it" otherwise. When we were initially looking at it I was thinking it was 5% fee for hosting & administrative fees plus 3% credit card fees which is unavoidable. Charlie can clarify.

Either way, while it would be nice if we kept 100%, it's pretty difficult at best to effectively & SUCCESSFULLY run something like this with out a solid, secure & straight forward mechanism. Not to mention it can quickly become suspect & an administrative nightmare to administrate. I think the 5% fee is worthwhile & like the simple straightforward format. I also like watching it grow in real time.

I chose to recently donate additional funds through the site even though I knew 100% would not go to the cause. Close enough for me as my hope is it would maybe help create some synergy. I think the more we are successful & the funds visibly grow there will be more synergy & it will grow faster as word gets out that it is working.


(Ken Harrison)
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Taffy, I appreciate your observations. I will double check the fees. I knew that it would be more than usual, BECAUSE OF THE FEATURE LOADED SITE.


Case in point....we have generated $1000 in a little over 24 hours. Is it worth it? I think so. It is easy to paste the link anywhere and send it to any social media site. It is easy to donate. It is easy and secure for NAPgA to withdraw the funds.

All of the features, seeing who has donated, providing updated posts, etc., come at a price.


The suggestion was made to donate directly to NAPgA. Yes you can. But it has not produced the results because it is not as straight-forward.

Simplicity and feature-rich was the motive here.

My plans are to contact the Boer Goat Association, the Nigerian Goat association and ask to paste our link to their sites. There is big money in the meat goat industry, and they may be willing to donate to our cause.

KSL Outdoors in Salt Lake City has contacted me and wants to interview me on this issue. We are getting much more publicity since I launched this GOFUNDME site than anytime before. Is it the best way to go about it? I don't know. But I do know that it is working and that is the main thing that I care about.

When I said that 100% is going to the cause, I meant that Napga is not keeping any for administrative fees for ourselves. I am working on this day and night for free. Total voluntary.

TOU has expressed my feelings better than me. The method chosen creates synergy because we can all see the funds grow in real time. Like I said, it is working. Smile

If any of you have questions for me concerning this, please email me at or call me at 435-764-1111. Charlie Jennings
I'll see if Phil can make this a link at the top of the web page so people don't even have to click on a thread to see it.
As discussed in my thread "My new soon to be packers.... "

I think it important to note: As they have been doing for several years, the Sharps of Paradise Ranch PackGoats (Council Grove, Kansas) will be donating 100% of the proceeds to NAPgA. (for use in the Land Use Legal Fund). They are even willing to bring them to the NAPgA 2014 Rendezvous.

Dwite & Mary are definitely the salt of the Earth & have been purposely & nearly exclusively breeding PackGoats specifically with the best genetics they can find & afford. Main reason? To produce & improve the best stock possible Packing.

THAT is something I can support! (Unsolicited)

Warmest wishes,

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