Newbie with ALOT of questions!
First of thank you for allowing me to join this great group. I live in SW WA, married with 3 kids including a little girl who would LOVE to help me raise some goats. My primary interest in a pack string is to allow me to hunt deeper into the back country. I'm getting older, the mts are getting steeper and the elk are getting heavier (or so it seems). So my first question, is there a place on here that has addressed the common first timer questions and concerns. I know from other forums how annoying it can be to have the same things asked over and over. I certainly don't wanna be THAT guy! So if someone could direct me to a FAQ (if there is one) I would appreciate it. If there isn't one, then may I bombard you fine folks with 67 stupid new guy questions? 

Thanks in advance
Welcome! We don't exactly have a "newbies read this!" post anywhere, but there are a lot of informative threads under every topic. If you have a specific question you may try doing a keyword search and seeing what comes up. If you can't find answers to a certain question, it's always possible it just hasn't been asked yet!
Hello Squatch, I've asked a LOT of dumb questions so you wouldn't be the first Smile
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