Onion Creek Oberhhasli Tragedy!!!!
I just read a posting on Facebook that was posted an hour ago by the owner of Onion Creek Oberhasli, Sierra Mackenzie.  This is heartbreaking!

"Everybody please pray for us! Our barn just burned down and I lost all of my milkers! Four babies were also lost. There is one survivor, Belle, and she is badly burned on her face. The girls in that barn were all pregnant but two of them (Sabine and Noni). I am devastated...."
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Oh my goodness. This is horrifying. I wonder if there's anything we can do for them. Online communities make us feel so close to people, yet when something like this happens it hits home how physically far away most of us are. It makes me feel helpless at a time when I wish I could be there to offer something... anything. I can't even imagine the pain they are going through right now. We'll be praying for these good folks tonight.
NOOOOO! This is the worst! How many goats were lost, I wonder? Oh wow. The worst. Not what I needed to read today.
What a loss to the Oberhasli genetics she was developing. Seirra has to be the nicest person to do that 1st Fruit Ober drawing she does every year. I can't imagine how hard working she is and what a hurtful loss this must be to her and her family. God bless Siearra and all the little goatie hearts.
Found this on GoFund Me, by Jenny Konz
Onion Creek Oberhasli Goats
Sierra Jacobs, the youngest and at the same time most proffessional goat breeder I will probably ever get to know, just lost all her pregnant dairy goats and baby goats (except for one babdly insured one) in a barn fire. While by now she'd be considered an adult, she started her professional goat breeding business in her early teenage years. There is nothing Sierra doesn't know about goats. As she loves them and cares for them, she also studies non stop, to be up to date on the best health care, breeding and business practices. These goats Sierra lost today were her life, her business and her true passion. While she raises goats on a championship level, she also gave several rescue goats a new life. Even though she is half my age, I look up to her.
She lost 15 goats today, 7 pregnant, 1 in labor; they all died in the fire. Nobody can help these poor animals anymore, but we can help Sierra to get back on her feet.
No dollar amount you could possibly contribute will be too small to help this young homesteading girl to continue on her dream, to build a new barn, to start a new herd and last but not least, to hopefully nurse the one surviving goat back to health.
Help spread the word!
Oh no! So sorry for her loss. I can't imagine losing goats in a fire. Heartbreaking.
Have a nice day, & hug your goats often!   Heart

Here is a link to more information and how you can help.

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Thanks for sharing the link.
This is a hard read right now, just feel very sad for her and the poor goats. Prayers for the survivor.
So sad. I'm generally not a fan of gofundme but this one was worth the share.

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