New in SW NM
I'm fairly new to goats here in southwestern New Mexico.  I live in Arenas Valley near Silver City where the high desert and forests of the Gila converge.

I lived for a short time with a friend who raised several goats for milking, fiber, and meat back around 2009.  So I had some experience last year when I moved onto 4.5 acres and acquired three goats for weed management on the property: 1 Nubian doe (retired), 1 registered Nigerian Dwarf doe (retired) and her now 3 year old withered grandson Nigerian Dwarf.  Now I'm hooked.

I want to get into pack goats.  I'm considering starting this coming kidding season this winter.  I'd like to raise them from the start with bottle feeding and wethering.  I want them to keep their horns.  I've narrowed my interest to Alpine or Alpine cross breeds, but I'm open to consider others.

So, in joining this network, I'd like to learn what I can from you all, and perhaps find two or four male kids this winter and get started.
Welcome to PackGoat Central! I hope you find the kids you're looking for. It seems like most packgoat breeders are pretty far north, however the NAPgA Rendezvous will be in Colorado next summer and some folks (especially Dwite Sharp) bring packgoat kids to sell there. Dwite is located in Kansas and his kids are usually spoken for before the Rendy, so if you'd like me to put you in touch with him I can do that.

I sell Alpine/Nubian packgoat prospects and I'm based in Colorado, but I probably don't have what you're looking for. I aim for May kiddings and I don't bottle raise, nor would I sell kids to someone else to bottle raise, so my kids aren't available until late summer/early fall. I personally believe the dam-kid relationship is important, and I like the superior early growth and overall better health that generally comes with dam-raised kids. But I understand why others prefer bottle-raised goats so I'm not judging. To each his own, right? Wink

Good luck finding the perfect packgoat kids! Let me know if you want Dwite's contact info.

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