Hi from Arizona
Hi everyone I live az and have 4 pack goats there all Alpine goats. I like to backpack hunt that's why I got into pack goats . I've had my goats for over a year I'm getting ready to go on a week long Coues deer hunt . This forum has been a great help to a new goat owner thanks.
Welcome! Did your boys keep their horns? Good luck on the hunt, and share pics!
Welcome! Arizona isn't too far! We're hoping to have next year's Rendezvous in Colorado so maybe you can make it for that.
No horns I wish they did have them they look cool with horns. Yeah hopefully I can make it to the Rendezvous that sounds fun.
I will admit the horns do make a pack goat look pretty amazing. But the saving of fences, shelters and occasional pokes out weighs that Smile
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