Goodbye Hihobaron
Sad news again today. I've noticed our friend Al Bluhm, known around these parts as "Hihobaron", has been unusually silent lately, so I sent an email inquiring if he was ok. I just got a message back from his significant other that Al passed on September 13. There is a tribute page set up for him here if anyone would like to share their thoughts.

You were a character and a half, Al. Phil and I are thankful that we were able to meet you and your beloved goats in person last May when we passed through South Carolina. I know I will miss your funny stories, your wealth of lifetime experience in almost every possible activity, and your colorful personality on these forums. You kept things hopping around here for sure! You were always welcoming of new faces on the forums and happy to share your knowledge. You will be missed.
Oh my gosh! Do you know any details? I'm going to miss his posts. Rest in peace Hihobaron.
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I do not know any details except that his tribute page says that he died at home. So at least he didn't have to suffer in a hospital.
I am so sorry, Nan!  I remember that you & Phil visited him...didn't you buy some harness equipment from him? 
I hope his goats and the rest of his animals will find homes & will be cared for. It's always a sad situation when someone leaves their beloved pets behind...  :-(
We bought some harness equipment from a large carriage shop that Al took us to visit while we were with him. I'm sure Al's partner will find good homes for the goats and horses.
Rest in Peace Al. I'll cherish the knowledge you passed onto me as well as the treat bag. Miss you buddy!
I just saw this and I'm so shocked! I thought Hihobaron might have been away on holiday somewhere. I will miss his humorous posts. I hope his animals found good homes.
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I got to talk to him on the phone recently. I discovered that he's a lot more like me than I had even thought, and we got along great. We talked a lot of stuff and had a lot in common that had nothing to do with the goat packing hobby. I remember thinking that he'd fit in well with my friend Cactus Dan (Who recently passed away 9 days after HihoBarron). He knew I had to move soon and even offered to help me find something in his area if needed. He was a very generous guy. I'm glad Nano and Phil got to meet him in person. I wish I had had the chance.

I also noticed he hadn't been posting. I've been so busy with other things that I, myself, haven't been as active on this forum as usual so I guess I let it slide.

I'm really going to miss his stories about his goats. Now I'm worried about his goats. He loved those guys. I like people that like animals like he did-- They're almost always the best folks.

Man. I'm super bummed about this. I'm glad he found the forum and we got to know him though. He sure livened up the place. Goodbye, Hiho!
I don't think we need to worry about Hiho's goats. His partner, Susan, knows how much he loved them and I'm sure she'll do her best to find a good home for them if she can't keep them herself. I told her that if she needs help rehoming them she can always come here. There are always folks looking for nice goats to give a good home to.
So sorry to hear of Hihobaron's passing!  He will be missed!
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