Hey guys! :)
Well, thought it was about time I made it over here. Smile I recognize some of y'all from TGS, as that's where I found out about y'all. My name is Emma, I'm from Michigan, and I'm pretty new to packing. I breed Alpines, just got into it a year ago. When I picked up my first two kids, I figured my doe would need a buddy (who wants just one bottle kid?), so her brother ended up coming home with us too. When he was about four months old, the idea of having a packgoat really set in, so I started working with him more. I'm proud to say that at the county fair, he was the only one who crossed the water obstacle in the obstacle course like a champ. Big Grin So, he's a yearling now, and I hope to get out and do some hiking with him this year, then add a pack next year for some short, light trips. Smile

Anyway, this is Oliver. (Who may occasionally be called 'Spaz' or 'Mr.Ham' ...or 'Little Sh*t' Wink )

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Howdy and welcome Smile
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Welcome! I'm glad you found us. You've got a cute little hiking buddy there. Good job on the water crossing! Looks like his ears got a little cold when he was born and got frost-nipped. Makes him stand out. I like unique goats. Smile
Thanks for the welcome. Smile

Yeah, sure did. He was the lucky one though, his sister lost a chunk of ear. Their ears were floppy as kids, gradually got better. He's the one on the left in this picture. Smile

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